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Chris Boden 3 August 2022

We often forget that in order to give there must be someone to receive and we do not often think about our receiving. Maybe that is our challenge this summer. How can we ask for help and who can we ask for help from? A reflection from Chris Boden, Stewardship & Resources Officer.

Tim Reid 20 July 2022

It's nearly the end of term! If you're looking for a little boost of motivation, this week's video reflection is by Director of Education, Tim Reid. He reminds us that the holidays are a time to refill the tank so that we can be recharged and look forward to the next academic year full of hope and promise.

Alison Maddocks 13 July 2022

In this week's video reflection, Dean of Smaller Churches, Alison Maddocks, invites us to step back from our daily routines and refresh our relationship with God.

Happy Birthday NHS

We are so grateful for the National Health Service, which turned 74 yesterday. The NHS founders were motivated by the Christian faith, and that has made a difference in all our lives. Happy Birthday NHS!

David Hoskin 29 June 2022

A month from now, the eyes of the Commonwealth will be on Birmingham and the West Midlands as the Commonwealth Games begins. A reflection from David Hoskin, Area Dean of Greater Dudley Deanery, who is part of the Commonwealth Collective - one of 13,000 volunteers. It's widely recognised that it is the volunteers who will make the Games the event that it will be. And it's very similar in the life of the church.

Stephen Edwards 22 June 2022

After months of festivals and solemn seasons, we get a sense of returning to normal. The Church calls this season "Ordinary Time". But as Stephen Edwards reflects on in this week's video - no time is ordinary in God's time!

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