New Worshipping Communities

One of our four new priorities as part of our vision to grow as kingdom people is to create 100 New Worshipping Communities by 2030. 

Beoley NWCThere are people of all ages in our communities who are spiritually curious and yet are not part of a church community. New Worshipping Communities help ensure we are offering a range of ways for people to come to faith and worship God.

NWCs offer a more informal and relaxed form of worship, usually in a different setting to a church which members of the community may be more familiar with and feel is more accessible.

There are already several New Worshipping Communities in the Diocese. Arts, Walking, Forest, and Café churches are just some examples of how churches are reaching out to their local communities in new ways.

Arts church

Cafe church

Forest Church

Walking church

Funding and support are available to you if you would like to set up a New Worshipping Community in your parish. Please visit the All age worship section of this website for more advice and contact the Transformation Support Hub for further support. 


NWC Learning Pathway

In January 2024 a New Worshipping Community (NWC) Learning Pathway pilot will be starting. It’s not too late to sign-up if you are thinking of starting a New Worshipping Community, or have begun one but would value some input, and are interested in joining a supportive community with other church teams looking to do the same. 

The Diocese has partnered with Myriad to deliver the NWC learning pathway over 2.5 years. Each church running or looking to create a NWC will come with their own small leadership team of 2-6 people. They will journey together with up to 10 other teams with a shared vision and calling, encouraging, and learning from each other along the way.  

After a well-attended taster evening was held in July ’23 where trainers Myriad presented their vision for the learning pathway, almost 40 people have signed up for the NWC Learning Pathway launching in January, but there are more spaces available.  

The learning pathway will start in January 2024 – Friday evening 26 Jan and all day Saturday 27 Jan. It will continue with similar gatherings every six months, with learning and peer support in between. 

To register your team, please email

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