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Ministry Share is the new name for our Parish Share Scheme. Each year, every parish is asked to contribute to diocesan funds to pay for the clergy and other ministry received in parishes. From January 2022, this is changing to create a clearer link between the amount of stipendiary (paid) ministry in a parish or group of parishes and the amount contributed by those parishes.

This means that if you have a full-time stipendiary minister serving your benefice, you will be asked for a contribution which covers the cost of that post. This amount will then be adjusted depending on the income level of church members.

Drop-in Sessions

We will be hosting several drop-in Zoom sessions during September and October 2021 if you have any questions. You can sign up to these by clicking on the date below:

We are currently having some difficulties with these links, so if they are not working, please email Chris Boden, with your name and parish, the date of the session you would like to attend and if there are any topics in particular your would like to be covered.

Wednesday 15th September 10am

Monday 27th September; 7pm

Friday 8th October; 2pm

Monday 18th October; 11am

The cost of each full-time stipendiary (paid) minister is about £85,500 (these figures apply to 2021 and are likely to change slightly each year). However, other diocesan income contributes £21,000 towards this, which means benefices are being asked to give £64,500 per minister. This happens to be equivalent to their stipend (pay), pension, housing and training costs. If your minister is part-time or doesn’t live in a diocesan house, the amount requested will be adjusted accordingly.

We strongly believe in the biblical principle that those who have more help those who have less. The new system ensures that those benefices with congregations who have a lower average income are helped by those who can afford to contribute a bit more.

We realise that some churches will be asked for more than they are currently contributing. As we move into the new system, the diocesan team will provide help and support to these churches and there will be the opportunity to apply for funding to help.

Jesus talked about money more than anything else;
he knew that how we spend our money shows what our priorities are.
We need ministers to be able to maintain our parish system and look for new ways to proclaim the Gospel and we need to pay for those ministers.
That’s what Ministry Share is all about.

Rt Rev’d John Inge, Bishop of Worcester

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Frequently Asked Questions about Ministry Share
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