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Bishop John 23 September 2020
This weekend will see ordinations of priests and deacons take place across the diocese, the services will be quite different this year. In this week's video reflection Bishop John talks about this important step in their lives.
Duration: 1:54
Date Recorded: 23/09/2020

John Preston 16 September 2020
Diocesan Secretary John Preston introduces the consultation on deanery reorganisation in the service of ministry, mission and mutual support. Find out more:
Duration: 2:00
Date Recorded: 16/09/2020

Nikki Groarke 9 September 2020
This week sees the start of our next round of Open Conversations and in this video Archdeacon Nikki explains how we can work together to create healthy and sustainable churches.
Duration: 2:06
Date Recorded: 09/09/2020

Margaret James 2 September 2020
A message from the Diocesan Director of Education for all those going back to school this week.
Duration: 2:11
Date Recorded: 02/09/2020

Robert Jones 28 August 2020
"Touch the earth lightly, Use the earth gently, Nourish the life of the world in our care" Archdeacon Robert Jones reflects on marking September as a season of creation.
Duration: 02:19
Date Recorded: 28/08/2020

Bishop John 25 August 2020
Bishop John reflects on gratitude – as towards the end of summer he sees the harvest approaching.
Duration: 02:02
Date Recorded: 25/08/2020

Stuart Currie 21 August 2020
The Bishop's chaplain, Stuart Currie, reflects on how we need to take account of all that is going on beneath the surface of people's lives: our own and others.
Duration: 02:02
Date Recorded: 21/08/2020

Alison Maddocks 18 August 2020
Diocesan Stewardship Officer, Alison Maddocks, reflects on Sabbath, and the importance of refreshing rest, and being people who play as well as pray.
Duration: 02:07
Date Recorded: 18/08/2020

Nikki Groarke 14 August 2020
Archdeacon of Dudley, Nikki Groarke, reflects on seeing each other's faces, face masks, and the face of God.
Duration: 02:06
Date Recorded: 14/08/2020

John Fitzmaurice 11 August 2020
Diocesan Director of Vocations and Ordinands John Fitzmaurice reflects on some connections between lockdown and the teaching of the Desert Fathers
Duration: 02:08
Date Recorded: 11/08/2020

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