ALM Worship Leader

All ALM candidates should:

  • show a clear commitment to personal growth in faith and discipleship;
  • be recognised by the leadership of church and by the congregation(s) as being committed to serving God’s mission through the work of the parish/benefice/deanery, as well as in their own daily life;
  • be committed to working collaboratively as a member of a team;
  • be eager to encourage the gifts of others;
  • show evidence of the gifts and skills appropriate to the particular ministry being considered, and the potential to develop them;
  • have an appetite for life-long learning in a Christian context and be enthusiastic about following a course of training and formation;
  • normally be actual communicant members of the Church of England;
  • be willing and able to comply with the diocesan and parish policies on safeguarding children and adults with particular needs and vulnerabilities.

Worship Leader

An ALM Worship Leader is to lead corporate worship on behalf of the church, and help individuals, groups and congregations worship God. 

A typical worship leader role description might include some or all of these responsibilities:

  • Leading Sunday worship in the local church.
  • Leading weekday worship in the local church.
  • Leading acts of worship in non-church venues.
  • Leading a prayer group or other house group.
  • Helping run a Fresh Expression.
  • Supporting visiting LLMs or clergy by ensuring the church is prepared well.
  • Leading community acts of worship e.g. at Christmas, Harvest or for a Pet Service.
  • Leading services in residential care homes
  • Taking holy communion to the sick or housebound

Download a draft role description.

A full version of a draft role description as an editable word document is available here.

What does the course include?

There is a preparatory task of visiting a church you don’t normally go to, and then an eight-week course in two blocks. The second block includes significant time each week working in groups on how to plan an act of worship.

Block 1: Building Blocks

  1. Thinking about Worship
  2. Elements of Worship (Exploring a Service of the Word)
  3. Leading Intercessions (building on existing experience)
  4. Readings and Rhythms (understanding the lectionary and calendar)

Block 2: Crafting Worship

  1. Structures of Worship
  2. Presidency and Flow
  3. Engaging the Word (alternatives to the sermon)
  4. Putting it all together
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