Admin for Clergy

Clergy Discipline Measure 2003

I have a complaint about misconduct by a member of the clergy, what can I do?

Common Tenure

Common Tenure is a form of tenure for clergy office holders which took effect on 31 January 2011. This page also includes details on Common Tenure Grievance and Procedure Common Tenure Capability Procedure.

Stipends and associated matters

Information regarding stipend levels and housing entitlement.

Augmentation of stipend

Details regarding calculating income for the purpose of augmentation of stipend.

Guidelines for Leave between Jobs on Retirement

In recognition of the fact that for clergy it is always the case that a change of post means moving house, it is appropriate to build in an arrangement that allows time between appointments.

What to do in the Event of a Major Emergency

What to do in the event of a major emergency in Worcestershire and the Borough of Dudley

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