Open the Book

OtB team based in Hallow at Hallow CofE Primary School.

Open the Book (OtB) is a part of The Bible Society. Churches can partner with this organization to provide fun acts of collective worship. 

Open the Book offers primary school children an opportunity to hear key Bible stories told by a team of Christians from local churches, who present the stories during school assemblies or acts of collective worship. The team can dress up if they wish but also encourage children from the school to dress up and take part. Each presentation takes around 10–15 minutes and can be incorporated into a wider school assembly or can stand alone. There is a three-year rolling programme with an additional year of material based on Christian values. The Year 1 resource could be used each year.

How to start Open the Book:

  • See getting started pages; in the Prepare section of the Missional Activities booklet, only ii & iii apply. Open the Book will provide training.
  • Safeguarding applies as the team of volunteers is deemed as sent from the church but you would follow the school safeguarding policy for any issues relating to a child within the school.
  • Contact the local primary school to see if they would like OtB assemblies. In some cases OtB has contacted churches as schools do go directly to them requesting these assemblies.
  • Teams must be registered. Contact Open the Book, who will guide and train the team.
  • The team will need to gather props to aid the re-telling of the Bible stories.
  • It is recommended that the OtB team rehearse the assemblies before presenting at the school.
  • Liaising with the school is important so the school can follow up the Bible story or the team can fit in with values the school are promoting.

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