After School and Holiday Clubs

After-school clubs are a great way to build a positive relationship with the local school.

They can be held in the school, church or community building. They could be for school-aged children or for whole families, depending on what is best in the church’s context.

Fun should be at the core of these groups with activities and refreshments provided. The activities can be craft-based or be kept simple by providing board games and encouraging conversation as the games are played. After-school clubs usually last about an hour.

How to start an after-school club:

  • See getting started pages, bearing in mind that some of the decisions will be collaborative decisions between the church and the school.
  • All of the sections in the getting started guide will be useful. When operating in a specific school, advertising may be restricted to that school.
  • If the club is to take place in the church, the timings of the club may need to take account of the times the local schools close allowing time for arrival. The club will need to start with ongoing activities that are easy to access for children arriving at different times.

For more information visit:

  • Scripture Union’s website has some helpful information about running groups in/with schools and some resources.
  • SYLS (Serve Your Local school) is a Scottish organisation who aim to inspire and equip churches to serve their local schools. Their website has lots of information about working with schools, which can be adapted.

Holiday Clubs are a brilliant way to connect with children from the local area and to share the Good News of Jesus.

They can also help to build relationships with families. Holiday clubs can be themed around sports, crafts, Lego©, gaming etc., or a mix. They can be based in a school, church or community hall and are a wonderful opportunity to work ecumenically.

Holiday clubs can last from one day to one week. If the holiday club, however, will be over 20 hours, registering with Ofsted and with the local authority will be required. The church may want to consider partnering with the local council to provide a meal see: Holiday Activity Fun program (HAF).

How to start a Holiday Club:

  • See getting started pages in the Missional Activities booklet. All of the sections are necessary for this activity. Advertising through schools and social media may work best.
  • Start planning early.

For more information visit:


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