Brick Church

Brick Church uses Lego© to engage families in a church setting.

Lego© is an inclusive toy that is readily available as larger blocks for younger children and technical sets for those a little older.

Brick Church can be set up however the church feels it would work best in that context. The leaders could create a session that uses Lego© to re-tell a Bible story in a visual way, e.g., building the Tower of Babel or moving the animals towards the ark, followed by some wondering questions e.g. “I wonder which was your favourite part of the story”, “I wonder what X thought when God said/asked X”, “I wonder what you would have done”. The session could then continue using Lego© for a time of reflection, this is personal reflection time in which the Lego© can be utilised in any way that suits each individual. Prayers could also use Lego© e.g. by adding a brick to a tower of things we are sorry for and then getting someone to smash it down as we are forgiven; pick a brick out of a bag and think of the same number of things to thank God for as there are studs on the brick; or have a lucky dip bag and assign a prayer theme for each colour e.g. green – nature, red – sorry, blue – those who are sick, yellow – for our friends etc.

How to start Brick Church:

  • See getting started pages.
  • Gather Lego©. Local Facebook sites and appeals to the congregation usually gets great results.
  • Consider buying books to plan sessions (see below).


  • Building Faith Brick by Brick by Emily Slichter Given.
  • Building Faith Brick by Brick II by Emily Slichter Given.
  • Faith Builders by Davis A Henderson.
  • The Brick Bible by Brendan Powell Smith
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