Parish Giving Scheme

The most effective approach to regular giving in the parish

The Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) offers the most effective way for people to give regularly to their local church. Once the church has registered with PGS, donors can sign up to make their donation through the PGS website, by one simple phone call, or by posting a printable form.

If you would like to set up a regular donation to your church through the Parish Giving Scheme, please click here to go to the PGS website.

Please note: 

Donations through PGS which are not eligible for Gift Aid are not eligible for GASDS. GASDS can only be claimed on donations that qualify and are given in cash or via a contactless device. Similarly, donations that are given via cheques, standing order, BACS, online giving or through online platforms are not eligible for GASDS. 

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Registering your church with the Parish Giving Scheme is very simple!

All the information you need is in the PGS Implementation Handbook

Step 1 - Think & Pray about it as a PCC

The Parish Giving Scheme is a great mechanism for making giving easy, however, it will not solve all your financial problems!

PGS works best when it is introduced as part of a wider Giving Programme within your church and introducing PGS can open up the opportunity to encourage giving within your congregation. Your PCC needs to look at the financial needs of the church and how these link in with your Mission and Ministry, and pray about these needs. 

If it would help, Chris Boden or someone from the Diocese could come along to help facilitate these discussions. 

Step 2 - Apply to join the Parish Giving Scheme

Your PCC will need to talk about PGS and pass a resolution to agree to it, as the Parish Giving Scheme will be handling money on behalf of the PCC. Wording for the PCC resolution can be found on the registration form.

You will need to complete the registration form above and email it to Chris Boden. He will then transfer the information to the relevant PGS application and contact those required to sign the application, with details of how to do so electronically. He will then send the completed paperwork to PGS for them to set up the account. 

Step 3 - Launching PGS in your church

There are several ways to make sure that your church's launch of PGS is as successful as possible:

You will need to provide your potential donors with details of how they can set up their donations, and Chris will email you the paper forms to print and leaflets for your church once the application has been accepted.

You may also want to create a small pack to give to your congregation to encourage them to sign up and answer any questions. You could write a letter from the PCC explaining PGS and why you have joined; or include information as to what your church is doing missionally and with these donations; or a paper donation form and information about how to sign up. Some resources you might find it helpful to include are below or from the PGS website:

Remember, always include a note to say Thank You!

We are grateful to the Benefact Trust, whose support enables us to provide this scheme at no cost to parishes or to Parish Share.

If you are interested in registering or have any other questions, please contact: 

Chris Boden 07943 326411


Page last updated: Tuesday 25th July 2023 9:50 AM

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