Theology and Liturgy

Our worship, whether in church or small groups or privately, has to be at the heart of any exploration of our relatedness with the whole of creation under God and our search for reconciliation.

Setting aside a particular Sunday to focus on creation or environment themes has its value but we must go beyond that if our concern for the integrity of creation is to be an essential part of our discipleship and incarnated in all decision making.

Action for PCCs to consider

  • reflecting theologically (in the PCC or housegroups) on the impacts, on people and all creation, of climate change and environmental degradation at local and international level.
  • using some of the liturgy resources that address creation concerns
  • asking for worship and preaching to focus on creation themes when the lectionary readings are appropriate
  • finding locally appropriate ways in which environmental concern can be embedded into regular liturgical practice

Actions for individuals to consider

  • reflecting, in study and prayer, on climate change and environmental degradation.
  • encouraging others to similar reflection
  • engaging with local environmental movements, such as Transition Towns, and ensure theological thinking has a hearing within their reflections on the need for change

What the strategy says about Theology and Liturgy

Turn to page 17 in the Diocesan Environmental Stategy document.

Further information

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