Communication and Education

We need to make sure we share information and challenge ourselves with new learning.

Within the church we have people able to identify some of the key environmental problems and possible solutions. Children learn about these at school and within our churches are employers and employees who are tackling environmental challenges at work. We need to learn from them and encourage them.

Action for PCCs to consider

  • Displaying in church information on environmental issues and involve children and young people in changing/maintaining the displays
  • Work through modules from Eco congregation.
  • Arranging study groups or conferences that use local or other expertise

Actions for individuals to consider

  • Sharing expertise and knowledge
  • Learning from environmentally concerned groups
  • Keep up to date with information from groups such as Christian Ecology Link. They also list courses and conferences.

What the strategy says about Communication and Education

Turn to page 19 in the Diocesan Environmental Stategy document.

Further information

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