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Responding to the crisis in Afghanistan

Published: 27th August 2021

The crisis in Afghanistan is unfolding rapidly with desparate images in the news of Afghans trying to get out of the country and fears over the cost to human life and freedom that is likely to be the result of the Taliban seizing control. 

Bishop John has said:

"What is happening in Afghanistan is an enormous tragedy. My heart and prayers go out to those whose loved ones lost their lives serving in our military there, and those who are still affected by wounds sustained there. I also pray for the Afghani people, particularly those who are at risk because of the support they gave to us and our allies in the attempt to build a new Afghanistan. We must salvage what we can from this wreckage by offering them asylum. It seems to me that it is an absolute moral imperative and the very least we can do for them; it is not about politics but about humanity."

How do we as Christians respond to this crisis?

The Chuch of England has put together a toolkit with ways to support Afghan Refugees. Find it here.

If you would like to make a financial contribution, we have set up this fundraising page. We are liaising with Worcestershire County Council and Dudley Borough Council to allocate funds raised to those who need it locally. If this is not possible, funds will be passed onto a national charity working with refugees in the UK. NB: When you click through on the page, please put in the reference box that your donation is for Afghan refugees and we'll make sure it gets to the right place! Donate here

You can also help by: 

  1. Pray: Lift the situation in Afghanistan to God in prayer as you read things in the news. Pray particularly for vulnerable marginalised groups and for women and children. Pray for safe passage for those escaping the country. Pray for peace. You could use on the Church of England website for refugees and for those caught up in tragedy and disaster.
  2. Show your support for refugees: Send a personalised email to your MP and local authority to let them know you want our nation to welcome refugees. Christian Concern for One World are producing template emails to help you with this.
  3. Act: The situation is still unfolding so it will be clearer what the specific needs are in coming days and weeks. Find out if there is a local refugee charity and see how you can support them. 
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