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Racial Justice Sunday 2018

Published: 3rd January 2018

The Methodist Church has celebrated Racial Justice Sunday(RJS) since 1989. In 1995 RJS became an ecumenical event celebrated in

Britain and Ireland and this year it moves to the secondSunday in February.

The organisers say: We believe that the universe wascreated by a loving God who chose to become a human being in Jesus Christ, whohas redeemed the world and sent the Holy Spirit to enable us to love oneanother with Gods love. All human beings are equally children of God and lovedby God. Since none is outside the love of God, none should be outside our loveeither.

We believe that the diversity of the human race was nomistake on Gods part. God deliberately created variety within the human familyand wants us to take as much delight in that variety as God does.

But racism persists in Britain and Ireland. At its mostobvious and brutal, it takes the form of physical attacks. But it takes manyother forms as well, like discrimination within the police force, popularprejudice against Travellers or people seeking asylum, or reluctance to acceptpeople of a different ethnic or cultural group as neighbours. Even withinchurches, people can face discrimination and unkindness because they aredifferent from the majority in a particular community.

As long as this continues, we believe that it is importantto make time to give thanks for our diversity and to pray for Gods help inovercoming our prejudices and the injustices that reflect and reinforce them.

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