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A Church Near You - Preparing for Holy Week and Easter

Published: 20th March 2018

With less than two weeks until Easter, now would be a good time to check your churchs page is ready. Last year, the sitereceived more than 250,000 page views throughout Holy Week. Dont miss theopportunity to reach out to new people in your community.

Five steps to addingyour Easter services and events to A Church Near You:

  1. Log into A Church Near You, find the churchpage that youd like to add a service to and click on the plus sign (+) next tothe Services and events tab on the left-hand side.
  2. Enter the details of your events, including the name, duration and a briefdescription of what will happen during the service. This should be written in away that would make sense to someone who might never have been to church willthere be singing, teaching on a Bible passage and coffee after the service?
  3. Remember to tick all the tags that apply to your service or event. There are a few new tags: Holy Week, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter and Easter Day. There is also a tag for hot cross buns! Will you be offering them at one of yourservices? If so, please tick the tag so were able to pull together an idea onjust how many the Church of England will be distributing this year the medialove stories like this!
  4. Ensure all the fields are completed, and press save. Please note, yourevent will not save unless you have included a description and duration. If youhave used the Easter or Lent tag, these will now appear in the special tab inyour services and events page.
  5. Have a fantastic Easter and let us know whether adding your services andevents this year saw an increased attendance.

As ever, if you have any questions about the site, do try visiting the FAQ page here first. If you have an enquirythat isn't answered on the FAQ page, use the new 'Help' button onthe site. 

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