Children's Society: Good Childhood report 2021

Published: 5th November 2021

Children's Society logoThis Christmas, many parishes will raise money for the Children's Society through their Christingle services. Earlier this year, the charity published it's annual Good Childhood Report. 

The Children’s Society Good Childhood report for 2021 shows that modern life continues to erode the happiness of young people, with increased numbers dissatisfied with school, their friendships and their appearance.

Although children and young people have been incredibly resilient during the pandemic, approximately a quarter of a million did not cope well with the disruption. It has been reported that many are now plagued by new worries about their future, especially in terms of having enough money, finding a job and getting good grades, as well as the climate emergency. Despite this, seven in ten 10-17 year olds are optimistic about the future regardless of the uncertainties reinforced by the pandemic.

The Children’s Society runs services and campaigns to improve children’s lives, reignite their hope and change the systems that are placing them in danger.

Please pray for all children and young people who are unhappy or struggling with their mental health, as a result of the pandemic or otherwise. Give thanks for all those who raise money for the Children’s Society over the Christmas period through Christingles and other services.

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