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Astley School unpacks Easter with ‘Open the Book’

Published: 3rd April 2018

An Open The Book team visitedAstley CE Primary School each week in the run up to Easter to share the events that tookplace in Holy Week.

Beginning with The Great Paradethe children experienced the excitement of Jesus entry into Jerusalem and wereeach given a palm cross to wave as part of the proceedings. Children took partin this modern day take on the story and were eye witnesses, reporting to anews team all that was happening.

Moving on to The Important Mealit was revealed that Jesus was facing opposition and danger. Taking part in thesupper alongside the team, the children enjoyed exploring what it might havebeen like to observe their friend Judas turn traitor and to see Jesus takenaway by the authorities.

Easter Open the Book at AstleyThe Dreadful Day was a sombrenote in the proceedings with children watching Jesus being ill-treated, wronglyconvicted and then taken out to be crucified. Walking through the children tothe cross and standing high above them gave them a real sense of being amongstthose who saw this unfold for themselves.

Easter Open the Book at Astley PrimaryFinally, the journey took us toThe Happy Day with the mood changing once more. Two of the children enjoyedbeing the soldiers who witnessed the tomb being empty and the womens joy atfinding Jesus alive once more. The day was made more memorable with the gift ofa chocolate egg as we left the assembly hall!

Ali Reakes-Williams, Head ofSchool, commented:

"Thishas been a wonderful way to celebrate and explore Easter this year.Understanding the story in this way has led to new insights and appreciation.The children have taken this into their artwork and further studies in R.Elessons using the Understanding Christianity materials. We would like tothank our Open the Book team for their time and dedication."
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