Members of the benefice of East Vale and Avon Villages are touring their local schools this week telling the Easter story through the eyes of some of the lesser known characters. The team, including Calling Young Disciples Mission Enabler, Emily D’Silva, are visiting five different church and community schools in their parish to act out the story for Key Stage 2 pupils. They have picked five characters who would have been around as eye-witnesses, but who weren’t necessarily directly mentioned in the bible.

A gardener in Jerusalem shares her storyThe Revd Philip Morton said: “I had seen the idea of ‘living statues’ telling the story during my curacy and it seemed like a good way to engage with the schools. We gathered a group of volunteers from across the different churches with various people helping with props or doing the acting. It’s been a great chance to work together and be creative. Today is the second school we’ve visited and the feedback has already been very positive with yesterday’s school wanting to show it to Key Stage 1 next year!”

The team picked five different characters through which to tell the story – a housekeeper at Caiaphas, the High Priest’s house who recognises Peter, a servant at Pilate’s palace who is asked to bring a bowl of water, Veronica who wiped Jesus’ face, a Roman soldier on guard at the tomb and a gardener who witnesses the encounter between Mary and Jesus. Each actor put together their own script for their character and the team have been rehearsing for a couple of months. Philip acts as a ‘tour guide’ for the children.

a Roman soldierHelen Brambani, head at The Littletons CE School said: “It’s great to do something a little bit different. The children will have heard the story before, but this is another way of presenting it. It’s also lovely that the community are involved. I hope it brings the story alive and helps the children remember it better.”

Year 5 student Emily said: “It was really good. I enjoyed having the different stages to move around and they’d all learnt their lines and had different props!”

Ben, also from year 5 said: “It was a really good reminder of the Easter story. I particularly enjoyed the first lady we came across in the courtyard, but all the actors had very clear voices!”

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