The session was led by Bishop Michael Hooper. After a short introduction on the background to the Gospel each of the sixteen chapters of Mark was read by a different person. With a short break in the middle, the reading lasted two hours. The main purpose of the session was to prepare for hearing sections of the Gospel of Mark in the Eucharist for the liturgical year C which began on Advent Sunday.

Here are some of the things which people said about the session: 

  • It was good to come together with people from different churches. 
  • The Bible study of Mark last Wednesday was brilliant. Good venue – glad it was well supported. 
  • Bishop Michael was the ideal person to lead and very valuable to have a hard copy of his ‘talk’. 
  • Listening for a long time was hard work, but worthwhile It was so good to be in such a diverse but warm group focused on listening intently to the life and sayings of Jesus. 
  • For us one of the telling moments was when Bishop Michael suggested that although the gospel appeared to end abruptly it was continuing to be expressed in the lives of faithful people 2000 years on. 

Gathering together with for the sole purpose of reading Scripture aloud was a simple yet powerful thing to do. It’s good to meet to reflect on the Bible and to share ideas, - but here, nothing was required of us, except that we should journey together through Mark, reading in turn and listening. Perhaps our ears will be more carefully tuned to the announcement in worship: ‘Hear the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ according to Mark’.