Open Conversations 3: Videos and case studies

Watch the videos used during the third round of Open Conversations

You can also view and download these videos here.

Bishop John's opening welcome

Worshipping God

There are lots of amazing things happening in all of our parishes – some great examples of worshipping God, sharing hope, making disciples and transforming our communities. In this next section, we’re going to hear about some of them, starting with a short film highlighting many of the different types and styles of worship across the Diocese. 

You might not see your own style of worship represented there, it’s just not possible to cover everything in the short space of time that we’ve got today. Similarly with the other case studies that you’re going to hear – we’ve just picked one example for each of the areas of our vision (some of them covering more than one), which we hope will encourage and inspire you. They’re not intended to make you feel guilty, but it is a chance to hear something different that you didn’t realise others were doing. ​

Case Studies

This case study focusses on making disciples and is an example of something which is bringing new people to faith or developing the faith of those within our churches.

The following case studies are short films with an example of a church project which is helping to transform their communities. ​

More videos to follow soon!

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