Open Conversations 2: Videos and case studies

Watch the videos used during the second round of Open Conversations

Watch a recording made of one of the meetings, which includes the five videos below. Scroll down for more in depth videos of the case studies.

A video of welcome from Bishop John and Archdeacon Nikki: 

What makes for a healthy and sustainable church - our Bishops and Archdeacon Nikki share their thoughts:

Bishop Martin explores some of the different types of ministry which will support our parishes in the future: 

Archdeacon Robert and Director of Ministry and Discipleship Jonathan Kimber explain some of the resources available to help parishes: 

Sharing thoughts on the future of the Church across Worcestershire and Dudley:

During the Open Conversations videos were produced highlighting some case studies of churches around the diocese.

Here you can watch a more in depth video for each case study.

Christ Church, Matchborough:

Reader and Churchwarden, Marilyn Bishop talks about how their parish will be supported by a Self-Supporting Minister alongside a Community Missioner:

Quarry Bank: 

David Hoskin explains why they felt having a Community Missioner was the best approach to ministry for their team. 

Paula Honniball:

Self-supporting Minister, Paula Honniball explains that she will soon be taking responsibility for a number of churches just outside of Droitwich. 

Sarah Dangerfield: 

Sarah Dangerfield, who is Priest in Charge of Fladbury, Hill & Moor, Wyre Piddle, Cropthorne & Charlton as well as Associate Priest to Peopleton & White Ladies Aston w Churchill & Spetchley & Upton Snodsbury & Broughton Hackett, Stoulton w Drakes Broughton & Pirton & Norton and Abberton, The Flyfords, Naunton Beauchamp & Bishampton w Throckmorton, explains how these parishes just north of Pershore began to explore how ministry might look in the future. 

Claire Lording:

Chair of the House of Clergy and Vicar of Pershore, Claire Lording, talks about her hopes for the future of ministry across our diocese. 

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