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Rogation in the Bowbrook Group

Published: 12th May 2020

Rogation Sunday falls on 17 May this year. Rogation comes from the Latin ‘rogare’ which means ‘to ask’ and is traditionally a time to bless God’s creation, often marked with a walk around the boundaries of a parish or farm while saying prayers.

Usually, the Revd David Morris would be holding a Rogation service in Tibberton as well as leading the church schools in his area on prayer walks with Reader John Spencer leading the church service in Hanbury. “All of these would have seen us out and about praying for different parts of the benefice,” said David. “This year that’s obviously not possible, so instead I’m putting together a virtual service.”

David has asked his parishioners to send him photographs of things that they can see from their homes. He’s then planning to put these images into a service which he’ll use online as a way of connecting people and enabling them to pray for different parts of the community. 

“The final service will depend on the different photos that are sent to me,” said David. “So far I’ve received pictures of crop growing, our churches, some cows & horses, the community shop in Crowle and people’s back gardens! Continuing to look outside when we’re stuck inside is hugely important; Rogation is one of those times when we can remind ourselves that we’re stewards of God’s creation and praise him for all he has given us.” 

As well as an online video, the pictures will be included in the order of service which will be emailed out so people can follow along at home. David has also joined with the Chaplaincy for Agriculture and Rural Life (CARL), asking them to do some of the readings in the service. 

“As rural parishes, Rogation is an important part of our calendar,” said David. “Just because we’re not able to meet in person, doesn’t mean we can’t continue to pray for all the different parts of our community and remain connected to creation.” 

The Rogation service will take place via Zoom on Sunday 17 May. Anyone is welcome to join the services. More details are available from David on 

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