Introduction to the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer

Published: 17th May 2021

The Eternal Wall of Answered prayer has planning permission to be built just outside Birmingham.

Eternal Wall will be a huge, thought-provoking piece of public art, aiming to kindle conversations about prayer. The iconic structure will be constructed using one million bricks, each brick featuring an answered prayer. This Christian landmark will make hope visible by digitally linking visitors with our database of one million answered prayers, using interactive technology and a bespoke app. Visitors will be able to use their smart device, holding it against any brick to read the individual answered prayers.

CGI image of the Wall of Eternal PrayerBuilt near Coleshill on the outskirts of Birmingham, Eternal Wall will stand at 169 feet, eclipsing the size of the Angel of the North, and is expected to attract 300,000 visitors each year. 500,000 journeys will see Eternal Wall every week from the M6, M42, HS2, and flight paths from Birmingham Airport.

Those behind the Eternal wall say: 

"We believe Eternal Wall will give people and communities hope that God hears them, answers prayer and can change circumstances. We would love visitors to be able to access answered prayers that demonstrate the full breadth of Christian experience; from different denominations, countries and points in history; workplaces and family situations. If you are part of a Christian network, whether workplace/leisure based, intercessory, educational or evangelistic, we would love to connect with you."

If you haven't already watched it, have a look at this video, Planning permission granted! It is an introduction to the Eternal Wall project, and explains how the original vision is now becoming a reality. 

Find out more and get involved.

Photo credit of the CGI image: Snug Architects and Renderloft

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