Called to action - for peat's sake!

Published: 5th June 2020

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This is the second in a series of tips from the Diocesan Environmental Group with small steps you can take to help save the planet. This one looks at peat! 

For Peat's Sake!

  • In 2011 our government and UK compost industry agreed to ban peat in garden compost by 2020. It is still widely used.
  • Healthy peat bogs absorb CO2 and are a rich habitat.
  • 95% of UK peat bogs have been damaged or destroyed, giving out CO2.
  • Peat bogs are the most efficient store of carbon after the oceans.


Phone or visit your local garden centres and ask if they stock peat free compost. This link gives ideas for a letter to the manager(Eco Church ref: Community & Global Engagement 15)

Make your own compost. 220 litre bins are £13.50 at the moment for Worcestershire residents. Find out more (Eco Church refs: Land 14 for composting at church, and Lifestyle 14 for personal lifestyle tips)


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