Called to Action - Cycling is on a roll!

Published: 3rd July 2020


These tips from the Diocesan Environmenal Group can help you to save the planet through increased cycling! 


Benefits include: 

  • Improved Health and Well Being
  • Reduced traffic & pollution
  • Reduced energy use - cycling is the most efficient form of transport. More details.
  • Community and Fundraising - Ride and Stride on Saturday 12 September is a sponsored bike ride or walk between churches to raise money to help look after historic churches. Find out more

The UK Government legislates and funds improvements for cyclists. Vouchers for up to £50 on repairing bikes will be available for use at registered repairers. More information


You can ask your local council to improve conditions for cyclists and pedestrians using this map and draft email. Remember, you can ask on behalf of others. (Eco Church ref: C&G 2)

Tell others in your church about Ride and Stride 2020  (EC ref: Lifestyle 2)

Whether you are a cyclist, motorist or pedestrian, please respect fellow travellers and pray that all may be mindful of the footprints we leave behind.  (EC ref: W&T 3)

Further References:


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