Church Action on Poverty (CAP) Sunday takes place on the last Sunday before Lent, which this year is 23 February. 

CAP is asking churches to speak truth to power, especially when too many are struggling to make ends meet across the UK. CAP has a vision of a fairer world with a smaller gap between rich and poor and works to make that vision a reality, by empowering people in poverty to overcome the injustices they face, and equipping churches to work alongside them. 

Martin, a single parent from Halifax, like thousands of others, has been struggling on Universal Credit: “I just snack, I don’t eat proper meals. The children always come first and I just eat small bits here and there. If I’m in the house on my own all day, I’ll tend not to eat until 6 or 7 o’clock, if at all, and I know that I can keep food in the cupboard a bit longer, that’s another day of survival. 

Church Action on Poverty Sunday is a day to give, act and pray to make a difference to those in poverty. Find out more at