Today is Advent Sunday when the Church begins to look forward to Christmas. I know most of the rest of the world has been doing so for a while but we try not to be too premature about it!

Advent is traditionally a time for taking stock as we prepare for the coming of the Christ child. We have a general election forcing the nation to do that. This morning I’d like to concentrate on something closer to home or, rather, closer to ‘no home’.

What I mean is the homeless; not rough sleepers, though it is right that we should consider our responsibilities towards them this winter. mean the large number of children in care.

  • 40,000 children come into care each year: that's 1 every 22 minutes,
  • There are 2,580 children waiting for adoption in England.
  • There are 820 looked after children in Worcestershire alone – that’s children in care without adoptive and foster parents.

Shocking statistics and the harm is long lasting. Nearly half of all young men (21 and under) in custody have experience of the care system. One-third of care leavers become homeless within the first two years of leaving care.

It’s a grim picture. As the father of two adopted children, I feel passionately about it and know that we can all play our part in changing things, either by stepping up to foster or adopt or, more likely, supporting those who do and all children in need.

In the Diocese of Worcester we are forming a partnership with Home for Good, a wonderful charity which seeks to find foster and adoptive parents for looked after children and offer all kinds of other support.

Jesus was homeless and a refugee. As we take stock in Advent, perhaps we could spare a thought for those in today’s world who are the same. I recommend checking out  Home for Good’s website to see how you might help. 

Watch our video about the work of Home for Good: