Rector of Kempsey, Mark Badger has had the idea of KingdomCuppa - offering a free cup of coffee (or tea) to those gathered in the school playgrounds at Kempsey and Norton Schools. Here he explains why! 

"Coffee has become something of a hospitality ritual. It might also be called a comfort food. So if you put the two together, one would surmise, coffee creates a sense warmth, of hope and trust you can hold in your hands. For a real coffee lover, it doesn’t get much better than a warm cup of coffee in your hands to relax and rejuvenate your spirit almost anytime.

So what better time and place than school drop off on a cold (probably wet) winter morning?

KingdomCuppa in KempseyThere is no ulterior motive other than to serve our community, get to know people better and show them that we love them. The comments we have received have been so encouraging – one mum said

"I couldn’t help be like ‘YES!’ What else can we do?! Could I make some kind of baked goods to give out too? Or could we post encouraging messages or something?"

It’s great to see that such a simple thing can stir community spirit – and spread the Gospel too!’