Astley CE Primary School have celebrated the launch of their new values and vision this term with a whole school art project. The children were tasked with linking each value with a scene or place.

The school worked with Sarah and Marie-Therese from Eekbatik who taught the children how to outline their work in liquid wax before adding layers of dye to gradually build up the picture.

Alison Reakes-Williams, Headteacher, said: "The discussions they had together explaining their thinking was fantastic and slowly four clear settings were imagined and then drawn in detail. Seeing the pictures emerge from a white canvas on the day was magical for us all and we are thrilled with our banners. They look wonderful in the school hall and provide an inspiring reminder of the values we seek to live by individually and as a school community."

Jen Ablett, one of our teaching assistants observed: "The artwork is wonderful. It was a lovely experience all round."