Rachel Matthews is Premier Christian Radio's Central England correspondent and loves meeting people from across the area with a shared love for God and having the opportunity to share their stories.

Rachel's background includes researching and producing programmes for BBC Radio 4, working for the national Fresh Expressions team and pioneering children and family's ministry within the Methodist church - whilst at the same time bringing up two children with her husband Simon!

Working for Premier feels both a privilege and a blessing for Rachel, as God has crafted all of these experiences together and allowed her the space to share more of what He is doing in the West Midlands with a wider audience.

Rachel said: "I'm blessed and honoured to share stories of where God is at work in the Midlands and hear testimonies from those whose lives have been touched by Jesus's love. I love talking to people, so to be given this job feels like a gift from heaven as I learn more and more daily, about God's enduring love for us and the transformative power of the cross. God blows me away on a daily basis!"

Premier's mission is to enable people to put their faith at the heart of daily life and to bring Christ to their communities.

“I hope by sharing stories from across our area I'm encouraging people in their own journey whilst also inspiring others,” Rachel continued.

Find out more about Premier’s mission on their website: www.premier.org.uk/Across-the-UK/The-Midlands, or get in touch directly by email: rachel.matthews@premier.org.uk.