Rachel Matthews from Premier Christian Radio, visited Singing Angels at All Saints in Sedgley, Dudley on Sunday 19 May. She is working on a 5-6 minute breakfast slot to inspire other churches to reach out to their communities. Rachel interviewed Claire Cox who runs Singing Angels (SA), along with some angels, their parents and the parish clergy.

Rachel asked Claire about her background with the church, which was minimal until the birth of her son. When he was born, the church gave Claire and Paul (her husband) such amazing support, that she felt she wanted to give them something back, reflecting back now she realises that the journey was all just a part of God's bigger plan. SA has now been running for three years and currently has 22 angels, and a few Archangels, which is the group for the older children - the initiative certainly connects with new families in the community. Claire says that she is now closer to God than she has ever been, she feels God is right there in the thick of it and she feels compelled to share the Good News with everyone.

Sharon who is Poppy's (age 7) Mum, can’t make Sunday morning worship due to work, but Poppy very much sees SA as church and she loves it, even if they have a family day out they have to make it back so that Poppy can be at SA.

Emma who is Mum to Jemima (7) and Scarlet (4), heard about SA when the family attended the church garden party at St Andrew's Church. Scarlet was 3 when she joined and has gone through a number of confidence issues – which Claire has supported her through, and now will sing solos with her sister. Two of their Mum's proudest moments are when Scarlett sang as part of the group after losing her confidence and then recently when both of her daughters sang solos.

Rev Guy Mitchell shared a story of a time with the school, and when asked about the name of the church, one very keen excited hand was chosen and they replied ‘Singing Angels’.

Rachel recorded some of the singing from both Singing Angels and Archangels.

Listen out for Singing Angels on the Premier breakfast show on 30 May at 8.40am.