Mothering Sunday falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent and is a day on which we recognise the importance of those who have cared for and mothered us throughout our lives.

For many years, the Mothers’ Union have supported Mothering Sunday’s simple message of love and appreciation through their Make a Mother’s Day Appeal. People can purchase ethical gifts, to make a difference to mothers and communities around the world. This could be through enabling a mother to learn to read, become an entrepreneur or through learning new skills that will help her to improve her home. Donations are distributed across all areas of Mothers’ Union’s work, wherever the need is greatest.

On this day in the past children would pick wild flowers, like violets, either to take to church, or to give to their mother as a gift. When people buy a Mothers’ Union gift, they receive a card featuring native flowers from one of the 80 countries in which the organisation work, in order that mothers still receive flowers on this special day. The Mothers’ Union is a Christian Mission Charity that seeks to support families worldwide, through sharing God’s love.

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