St Edburga Leigh

Christingle Preparations at St Edburga LeighOver 35 people, aged 2 to 90, joined together at St Edburga Leigh for an informal Christingle and Cake event on the afternoon of Sunday 9 December. People had the opportunity to help make Christingles, in addition to taking part in other festive activities, whilst enjoying much tea and cake! As part of the worship, prayer stars were made and used to decorate a large Christmas tree. Carols were sung at the end of the event, followed by a brief talk by Revd Anne Potter.

Gingerbread Nativity at Gornal and Sedgley

The event was also the perfect opportunity to look around St Edburga Leigh’s Christmas Tree Festival, where trees have been made and decorated by various village groups, including Brownies, Guides and the new Thanksgiving Tots group. Last week, Thanksgiving Tots heard the Nativity story, before sharing play-time and prayer-time. Thanksgiving Tots meet every first Thursday morning of the month.

Gornal & Sedgley

Singing Angels at St Andrews

The Gornal & Sedgley Youth Group met for the first time on the evening of Sunday 9 December, at St Andrew’s, The Straits. Young people aged 9-16 years old enjoyed making gingerbread Nativities, eating pizza and playing games, including a cracker relay race and deciphering words from ‘Pass it on Morse Code’. This led into a talk about Jesus being the Light of the World. The young people who were present had the opportunity to shape the future of the parish Youth Group, by creatively adding their ideas to a graffiti wall.

There was also a carol service at St Andrews, where the carols were led by children’s choir, Singing Angels.

Halas High Fives

The Halas High Fives group enjoyed a Christmas Party on Tuesday 11 December, at St Peter’s Cradley. Each current group member (aged 8-12 years old) invited a friend to join them for a time of festive fun. Christmas games were played, lovely food was shared and the Nativity was retold using chocolate! Games included a Nativity treasure hunt; almost all the pieces were discovered, with only the bed for Jesus still hidden somewhere in the church!

Thanksgiving Tots at St Edburga Leigh

Brickworks Church, Lye

Families in the community around Brickworks Church in Lye are welcoming a special guest this Christmas, Posada. Posada is a decorated bag containing a Nativity set, a candle, a journal, the Christmas story and links to videos of the Christmas story. It travels to a different home each night in the run-up to Christmas, throughout Advent. Families set up the Nativity set, light the candle, watch a video, or read a bit of the Christmas story. They then write down their experiences, or post photos on a special Facebook group. 

Posada at Brickworks Church, Lye

Tom Fish, Associate Priest Missioner at Brickworks, said, "The idea came from Amy Stokes, our Calling Young Disciples Mission Enabler. Posada is a Mexican tradition where people dressed up as characters from the Christmas story, turned up at homes and expected to be given hospitality, which has been adapted for British use in this way. It's a great chance for families, whether they go to church or not, to think about the events of the first Christmas in their own homes."