Like the majority of our churches, the diocesan office building in Worcester is not easy to heat and it’s important to find the best cost for our gas and electricity while remaining true to our commitment to using sustainable energy sources.

Using the Energy Basket through the Parish Buying service has enabled us to do this and switching has saved the Diocesan Board of Finance a significant amount of money as well as the time spent searching for the best deal.

Parish Buying is a service set up to use the bulk buying power of the Church to negotiate competitive prices with suppliers across a range of different contracts. It is available to all churches and the Energy Basket is just one part of this. Through using the Energy Basket, churches can save money with a price based on wholesale energy purchasing, save time through not needing to renegotiate every time a contract comes up for renewal and be confident that 100% of the electricity is green from UK-based renewable sources. The transition to the Energy Basket was made very easy by the team at Parish Buying.

I would encourage all parishes to look at their key areas of spend to see whether Parish Buying can help reduce costs. Do look at the end date of any existing contracts and investigate in advance whether the service can help. It’s a great way that we can all buy and save together, reducing costs across the whole of the Church of England. 

Visit the parish buying website.