Cashless giving in church is on the rise, from hand-held card machines to permanent donations points there is something for everyone. Pershore Abbey has been giving its visitors the chance to pay at a contactless giving point. The Verger, Robin Hancox tells us all about it:

"Pershore has been following with interest the development of the various donation facilities now becoming available. We took part in the initial CofE trial last summer of the iZettle and have been waiting for a simple system that offered more. We wanted something that would give us a new source of funds and not just an alternative way of paying for wedding fees etc.

"We have a big building with a steady trickle of visitors. Often the building is unmanned and we know that many visitors do not donate. When we are manned we know that visitors often do not carry cash and we have lost sales from our bookstall because we did not have a card facility. We know that collections at weddings and baptism are often low because people at these services do not carry cash but virtually everyone carries a smart phone or credit/debit card.

"We were delighted when the Donations Station from gwDevices was included in the CofE list. We took delivery in July - its a good solid unit.which we've fixed the unit to an old table while we experiment with location. It's been a learning curve for me - my knowledge about touch screens was zero. gwDevices Customer Services have been very patient with me. Credits are made to the Bank daily - and we get a monthly report giving Gift Aid details. It's a time of experimentation now - location is going to restricted by availability of mains and broadband and visibility coupled with it not getting in the way of worship. We are in good company with our trial - Coventry, Derby and Sheffield cathedrals. It's very early days, but our experience has definitely been positive so far."

Could a cashless giving system work for your church? For more information visit or talk to Alison Maddocks, Stewardship Officer on 07930 853433.