Election result for a casual vacancy to General Synod - House of Laity 2018.

Sarah Maxfield-Phillips has been elected as member of the House of Laity to represent the Diocese of Worcester in General Synod. To view the election result sheet, click here.

 At the end of the nomination period for the casual vacancy to General Synod, the following nominations had been received: 

  • David Hawkins
  • Sarah Maxfield-Phillips

By the deadline, the following election address had been provided:

Electronic hustings

The following question was submitted by a qualifying elector: 

Q1. You are probably aware that the amount of Parish Share received from a number of parishes within the Diocese in recent years has been substantially below their Fairer Share allocations. How do you consider that this problem should be addressed in the future? (Robert Pearce, Martley & Worcester West Deanery)

Answer from Sarah Maxfield-Phillips:

I believe improved communication about what Parish Share is spent on is the key to encouraging churches to look at ways in which they can fund their full share.

Many parishioners do not have a clear picture of the role of the Diocese and particularly its important mission work. I believe if they did, they would be keen to support their Parishes in funding Parish Share. This will not be achieved by a single stewardship campaign sermon, but by regularly hearing about the Diocese’s work and experiencing its support at Parish level. Good publicity is available on Social Media highlighting the work of the Diocese and leaders need to be encouraging their congregations to follow this. They also need to be encouraged to find ways of disseminating it to those who don’t have access to Social Media. Parishes need to be encouraged to participate in Diocesan events, (e.g. Thy Kingdom Come Celebration) so that they feel part of the Diocesan family and the Church of England as a whole.

Congregations need to come to see Parish Share not as a tax, but as a funding tool for the mission of the Church and so part of their mission giving.

All questions were sent to the candidates via email on 9 October 2018.