Grace Jones from Broadway turned 112 yesterday and is officially the oldest person in the UK.

Grace is a former member of the local church and when she moved into the care home in Broadway, the vicar at the time began bringing her home communion which soon developed in a small group receiving communion in the communal lounge. She is still regularly visited by members from the church who provide companionship and give her communion whenever she’s able.

Before she married, Grace had her own millinery business, giving it up to look after her husband and their daughter, Deirdre. She has moved house 27 times in her life, living all across the country, returning to the Cotswolds from Sidmouth nearly 11 years ago.

Daughter Deirdre McCarthy said: “My mother has lived a very faithful life and it’s amazing to think that she’ll go down in the history books. She has never smoked and other than a tot of whisky each night and the occasional glass of champagne, doesn’t drink either. We’ll be going to celebrate at a tea party at Buckland Manor today.” 

Happy birthday Grace!