By Helen Laird, Calling Young Disciples Mission Enabler: 

Building with lego at Brick ChurchSunday 4 June saw the launch of Brick Church at St Peter's Church in Lapal, Halesowen. We are passionate about sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and realised that Sunday mornings are not always the best times to 'do' church as there are now many other activities (sport, shopping, car boots etc.) which can be engaged with. In addition traditional church may not be everyone's cup of tea. We decided we wanted to do something new and more interactive on a Sunday at 4 o'clock and came up with the idea of Brick Church.

With the recent 'Lego' films, TV programmes, the Lego store opening in London, and 'Lego' now being produced for all ages; it seems the love of this building block goes on and on. In the films the some of the characters are referred to as master builders, these are Lego figures that can build things without instructions, being truly creative. These links led us to consider using the love of Lego to link in with the love of God, to use Lego as a bridge between the community and our truly creative and loving heavenly Father.

Reflection with Play dough at Brick churchThere were 29 of us who gathered for worship. We shared refreshments together and then went through to the church to see the retelling of The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9) in a Godly Play style. After some wondering questions, we had a time to reflect on the story and the questions by engaging with Lego and K’Nex as well as play dough, craft and art materials.

The reflection time was followed by a five minute ‘who can build the tallest tower’ challenge. There was a lot of competition, the adults enjoyed this as much as the youngsters.

The Tower of Babel

The session came to a close as we each added a Mega block brick to the Tower of Babel, to represent the things that separate us from God, Sam then knocked it over smashing it, we prayed that God would ‘smash’ through the things that we had confessed separated us from His loving care.

There was lots of fun, seen in the smiles and chatter, during our time of fellowship together.

Watch Sam knock down the Tower of Babel: