Kidderminster East parish held a special celebration on Sunday, to commission their Calling Young Disciples team and mark the end of Adam Legge’s year as a Mission Enabler with them.

throwing paper plansThe Worship for All service was led by curate, Rachel Akers, with the bible reading dramatized by the Open the Book team and ‘paper aeroplane prayers’ led by Adam. Bishop Graham was present to commission the parish’s Calling Young Disciples team and his sermon featured the whole congregation under a big net.

Congregation under netHe said: “Like Jesus’ disciples, we are all called to be fishers of people. Jesus asked Simon Peter to take a risk and lower his nets into the deep. We can do the same by passing on the difference that the Christian faith has made in our own lives. For the parish, Calling Young Disciples will be an incredible adventure. Over the past year, Adam has been helping to mend your nets so that you can throw them back out into the deep, reaching out to children and young people and helping them to experience what it’s like to be caught up in God’s net.”

Team Rector, Hugh Burton, explained the impact having a Mission Enabler for a year has had: “Adam has been a real catalyst for helping bring ideas to fruition. For example, we now have a parish-wide Messy Church which wouldn’t have happened without Adam’s help. He’s enabled us to work together across our churches and there’s definitely been a shift in culture. We’ll get continued support from Adam, but the responsibility for taking forward our work with children and families now lies with our Calling Young Disciples group.”

Mission enabler, Adam Legge

Adam said: “It’s been a very good year and I’ve enjoyed the variety of working in both rural and urban contexts. I have a great deal of respect for all of the churches in Kidderminster East who aim to serve God and make disciples of all ages. It’s been humbling to be a part of the journey as the churches have had an honest look at themselves to see what they can do to reach children and young people in a way that’s sustainable and relevant to their contexts. They have definitely got the skills and the desire to keep moving forward, while continuing to listen to where the Holy Spirit is guiding them.”

Sam Thompson is a member of the new Calling Young Disciples team which was commissioned by Bishop Graham. He said: “I’ve found it really exciting to look at the different ways in which we might reach children and families. We’ve started with small steps, but I can definitely see the capacity for the work to grow. At the same time, we’ve had new members join our youth club and that’s really felt like God supporting us and pushing us in the direction He wants us to go!” 

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