St George's Church in Kidderminster recently held a successful event for local families. Church member, Alison Burton, explains what took place:

"On Tuesday morning over half-term, St George's Church welcomed 76 babies and children up to age 13 with a parent or carer.

"Everyone enjoyed two hours of crafts and games, including a story from the Bible, songs and prayers, using material from Women's World Day of Prayer entitled 'All God's Creation is very good' and asking how we can take better care of it.

"Families made rice cracker faces, blossom trees, clay animals, a turtle, recycled bird feeders and a zig-zag story book of creation.There was also a recycling themed game, a quieter reflective area, a world map jigsaw, a short video on what happens to our recycled items, a toddler area and the very popular sandpit!

"Homemade cakes, tea, coffee and squash were served throughout. It was an amazing team effort with over 20 helpers and a team of men helping to move chairs and tables into place at the beginning and end, without whom it would not be able to happen."