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Eco ideas during Christian Aid Week

Published: 13th May 2020

The Diocesan Environmental Group are planning to release a series of eco tips to support and encourage churches to engage with Eco Church even at this time. 

In Christian Aid Week, they offer three tips look on the theme of community and global engagement.

  1. Personally donate to Christian Aid or another Aid agency who are working to alleviate those who are affected by climate issues e.g. Christians Aid promoting handwashing to fight Covid19 where there is little clean water. 
  2. Check out which charities you support as a Church, and see if any have a concern for environmental issues which affect people's lives. 
  3. Pray for your charities in this difficult time of fund raising e.g. Christian Aid.

We are all 'Called to Action'  - please follow these small steps to help save the planet.

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