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A Lent reflection from Andy Green

Published: 7th March 2021

A warm welcome to you all on this third week of Lent.

My name is Andy Green, I am Lead Chaplain and Pastoral Support for Herefordshire and Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust.

During Lent we reflect on the experiences of Jesus in the wilderness and find inspiration from his resolve and love of God whilst battling numerous challenges and temptation.

During Lent last year the Covid journey was just beginning and we hoped it would be overcome in a matter of months.

Now in 2021 we are facing the reality that things are far from over and many of us are now walking in a wilderness of our own with much uncertainty but nevertheless a great deal of hope.

Faith does not prevent bad things happening and why should it?

Jesus suffered throughout his life on this earth so we should not expect to be exempt ourselves.

Our journeys will also include pain and suffering and sadness but as Christians and Kingdom People we can lean on one another whilst leaning on God and through our Faith can become stronger and reassured.

A major impact of the last twelve months has been the effect on mental health for many people.

Those suffering the effects of Covid, those suffering through the loneliness of isolation and those suffering the fear of infection.

Remember also that those doing the caring are often suffering themselves.

Whilst I witness and share the suffering of those I support, I am also reassured that with God at my side and the inspiration I receive from Jesus I am blessed with the resolve to remain steadfast in my role as Healthcare Chaplain.

As Kingdom People we can also remain steadfast by leaning on God through prayer and leaning on one another through discipleship.

This will help us find the strength and resolve to respond to all we encounter in need of support.

Through our discipleship our church will remain healthy and sustainable and a place of calm and reassurance for us all.

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