From Liturgy to Life

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Do you ever wish you had a better understanding of the Eucharist? Would you like help making connections between what we pray on a Sunday, and how we live out our faith in daily life? This course From Liturgy to Life, is all about connecting what we do when we gather together as a church for the Eucharist, and what we do when we’re at work, among friends and family, and engaged in our communities throughout the week.

The course consists of four sessions; each session relates to one of the main sections of the Eucharist.

  1. Invited into the life of God (The Gathering).
  2. Holy Conversation (The Liturgy of the Word)
  3. Transformed with Christ (The Liturgy of the Sacrament).
  4. Blessed and Blessing (The Dismissal)

The materials here have been piloted with a group of thirty people from around the diocese. here are some of their comments:

“It gave me a lot to think about and digest.”
“I got a lot from the course and can see its potential in our parish.”
“It’s been good and really informative.”
“I thoroughly enjoyed the course.”
“I think it’s something that’s very needed in the church as many don’t understand the context for much of the liturgy.”
“The course gave me an insight into parts of the liturgy that my mind had slipped over before.”

For each week’s session there is a PowerPoint presentation, some handouts for participants, and a set of notes for the group leader. The Leader’s Notes can either be used as a script, or form the basis for a priest, or lay minister to adapt the course to local circumstances.

Please download the materials from the links below. Each session is timed at 90 minutes, with around half that time spent in breakout rooms / small groups.

Week 1

  1. Session 1 Presentation
  2. Session 1 Leader’s Notes
  3. Session 1 Participant’s Handouts

Week 2

  1. Session 2 Presentation
  2. Session 2 Leader’s Notes
  3. Session 2 Participant’s Handouts

Week 3

  1. Session 3 Presentation
  2. Session 3 Leader’s Notes
  3. Session 3 Participant’s Handouts

Week 4

  1. Session 4 Presentation
  2. Session 4 Leader’s Notes
  3. Session 4 Participant’s Handouts
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