Training and Support

Training and Support Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The Diocesan Board of Education (DBE) has a responsibility to provide a range of core services to all Church of England schools within the diocese. These are outlined on pages 7 and 8 of our Training and Support SLA, which is available under the 'Related attachments' tab below. In addition to these core services, we also offer an enhanced package of support to our schools, which take advantage of our Training and Support SLA. Details of these services are outlined on pages 9 and 10 of our Training and Support SLA.

The central focus of our mission is to work along schools and academies in the Diocese of Worcester, supporting staff and leaders in the task of delivering a high quality education, built on the foundation of Christian teaching and values. We believe that offering the services outlined in the Training and Support SLA is a key way in which we can achieve this mission, thereby making a positive difference to the education of children and young people in church schools in Dudley and Worcestershire.

Please contact Laura Farmer by telephone on 01905 732 825, or by email on lfarmer@cofe-worcester.org.uk, to discuss your specific requirements and preferred timescales.

Further support in school effectiveness is set out in our diocesan School Effectiveness Service Level Agreement (SLA), which is available on our School Effectiveness Support webpage (accessible using the navigation column on the left).

Headteachers' and Governors' Cluster meetings

Each term, we deliver core regional cluster meetings for headteachers and governors, where we provide information and updates on the following:

  • Diocesan Education Team and the core services we offer
  • Ofsted developments and changes in framework
  • Department for Education (DfE) policies and procedures
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Statutory Inspection in Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS)
  • Academisation


Each month, we offer 'Surgeries' at the Old Palace. These are designed as a drop-in service for senior leaders, teaching staff and governors.

Members of the Diocesan Education Team will be available to discuss any issues schools are currently facing and provide advice and support in relation to these matters. Appointments are not necessary, however, it is recommended you call in advance if you should wish to speak with a specific member of the team.

Diocesan Education Team Training Course Resources

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