Stipends and associated matters

Stipend levels 

The Diocesan Mission, Pastoral & Resources Committee agrees each year the level of stipends based on national consultations conducted by the Archbishops' Council as the Central Stipends Authority.

The "diocesan scale" agreed annually by the Diocesan Mission, Pastoral & Resources Committee covers:

  • diocesan basic stipend
  • diocesan training posts stipend
  • diocesan residentiary canons' stipend
  • diocesan archdeacons' stipend

Stipends and tax matters

The paying office is the Church Commissioners to whom all matters regarding payments and tax should be directed.

Other matters from clergy payroll services

The Church Commissioners' web pages for Clergy Payroll Services contains useful information on matters such as:

  • car loans
  • childcare vouchers
  • payroll giving

as well as forms for these and annual returns etc.

Clergy entitlement to housing

All office holders have certain rights and duties in respect of the parsonage house and the land on which it stands. This is laid out in the Ecclesiastical Offices (Terms of Service) Measure 2009 (No. 1).

The incumbent of a benefice who holds a full-time office for which he or she is entitled to receive a stipend is required for the better performance of their duties to occupy the parsonage house belonging to the benefice.

All other office holders who hold a full-time office for which they are entitled to receive a stipend are entitled to be provided by the relevant housing provider with accommodation which is reasonably suitable for the purpose – otherwise known as a “house of residence”.

In certain circumstances, under Canon C25, they may be given permission to reside elsewhere.

In the event that two members of clergy who live together are both entitled to a house of residence the Bishop will agree which this should be. No monetary value will be made in lieu of a house of residence for the second office holder.

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