Safeguarding Policies and Parish Resources

In this section you will find Safeguarding policies, gudiance and resources. Click on the headings below to view these links and downloads, or use the search option below. If you can't find what you are looking for, please do get in touch.

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Parish Safeguarding Handbook (2018)

The handbook brings into one place the key safeguarding responsibilities for parishes that are outlined in the House of Bishops’ Safeguarding Policy and Practice Guidance.

Identifying and Reporting Safeguarding Serious Incidents to the Charity Commission; Guidance for DBF's, PCC's and Religious Communities (2019)

This House of Bishops’ guidance explains how to identify when a safeguarding Serious Incident occurs and sets out the procedure you should follow to report it to the Charity Commission

Safeguarding Records: Joint Practice Guidance for the Church of England and the Methodist Church.

This joint practice guidance is intended to support the work of Safeguarding Advisers and those working with children and adults experiencing, or at risk of abuse or neglect, where record keeping is required.

Safeguarding Guidance for Single Congregation Local Ecumenical Partnerships

This joint practice guidance is intended to support the work of Single Congregation Local Ecumenical Partnerships, in respect of safeguarding children and adults.

How to make a Safeguarding Serious Incident report to the Charity Commission

This guidance explains how to prepare a safeguarding Serious Incident Report and submit it to the Charity Commission.

Key roles and responsibilities of Church Office Holders and Bodies Practice Guidance

This document aims to clarify key safeguarding roles and responsibilities for church office holders and bodies within this complex structure to support a consistent approach to safeguarding across the whole Church.

Responding to Safeguarding Concerns or Allegations that relate to Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults

This practice guidance is for use by all those who have a role with children, young people and vulnerable adults.

Responding to, assessing and managing safeguarding concerns or allegations against church officers

This Practice Guidance also includes the Risk assessment and management of those that may pose a known risk to children, young people or vulnerable adults within a Christian Congregation or Community.

Responding Well to Domestic Abuse

This document sets out the Church of England’s Domestic Abuse Policy and the detailed practice guidance on how the Church of England will implement its domestic abuse policy.

Responding Well to Victims and Survivors of Abuse

This policy sets out the requirements and good practice advice for Church Bodies on developing healthy cultures, which prevent harm from taking place and ensure disclosures can be made safely when harm does occur.

Safeguarding in Religious Communities

The House of Bishops commends this practice guidance for use by Religious Communities, Dioceses and the National Church Institutions.
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