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July's Daily Prayer

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1 July 2020Economy and Daily Life

32% of people who are employed work in micro-businesses with fewer than 10 employees. Many work alone and isolation, even before the lockdown, is a real issue. Particularly in today’s challenging times, pray for small businesses in your community, for all working alone or without support.

Attooch (South Sudan): Bishop Moses Anur Ayom
North Eastern Caribbean & Aruba (W. Indies): Bishop L. Errol Brooks
2 July 2020Retired Clergy in Evesham Deanery

Today the Psalmist (Psalm 78) urges the people to listen “That they might set their hope in God.” Thanks be to God for the faithful ministry of retired clergy in the Evesham deanery.

North Karamoja (Uganda): Bishop James Nasak
Auckland (Aotearoa NZ & Polynesia): Bishop Ross Bay
Magwi (South Sudan): Bishop Ogeno Charles Opoka
3 July 2020Diocesan Office Receptionists

Pray for those who work on reception at the Diocesan Office, who are usually there to deal with enquiries and provide a friendly face for those entering the building.

North Kigezi (Uganda): Bishop Benon Magezi
Aweil (South Sudan): Bishop Abraham Yel Nhial
4 July 2020Readers

Pray for all those who serve the church as Licensed Lay Ministers and give thanks for their ministry.

North Mbale (Uganda): Bishop Samuel Gidudu
Awerial (South Sudan): Bishop David Akau Kuol Mayom
Kadugli & Nuba Mountains (Sudan): Bishop Andudu Adam Elnail
5 July 2020Ordinations

Please pray for all those who will be ordained this year.

This weekend, 13 people should have been ordained by Bishop John to serve in parishes across the Diocese. These have now been postponed until September with those due to be ordained Deacon being licensed instead as Lay Ministers in their parishes.

To be ordained deacon:
· Claire Billington to serve in Peopleton and White Ladies Aston w Churchill & Spetchley & Upton Snodsbury & Broughton Hackett
· Lindsey Coulthard to serve at St Stephen’s Barbourne, Worcester
· Foluso Enwerem to serve at Top Church, Dudley
· Jon Evans to serve at Christ Church, Lye
· Jess Fellows to serve at All Saints, Worcester
· Chris Henson to serve at St John’s, Kidderminster
· Rosie Moss to serve at St Nicholas, Warndon, Worcester
· Kim Topham to serve in Clent and Hagley
· Carol Weston to serve in Brierley Hill

To be ordained priest:
· Sarah Bardell serving in the benefice of Dudley
· Victoria Barlow serving in Astwood Bank, St Matthias & St George and Headless Cross, St Luke
· Jonny Gordon serving at Great Malvern
· Francis Moloney serving at Redditch, Holy Trinity

Evesham Deanery - Rural Dean: Richard Thorniley; Lay Chair: Liz Booth

St Albans: Bishop Alan Smith with Bishop Richard Atkinson (Bedford) and Bishop Michael Beasley (Hertford)
Linköping (Sweden): Bishop Martin Modéus
6 July 2020Kingswinford Deanery

Give thanks for all who have worked so faithfully over the years across the deanery. May we face the future with confidence in Christ and with the flexibility that enables transformation.

North Queensland (Australia): Bishop Keith Ronald Joseph
Awgu / Aninri (Nigeria): Bishop Emmaunuel Ugwu
Kaduna (Nigeria): Bishop Timothy Yahaya
7 July 2020Brierley Hill Team

Pray that the small congregation of St John, Brockmoor would know some encouragement following recent disappointments and for Tracey Skidmore having just completed her first year of Reader training. Clergy: David Hoskin, Beryl Pritchett; Reader: Keith Colley, Val Houghton.

Awka (Nigeria): Bishop Alexander Ibezim
Kafanchan (Nigeria): Bishop Marcus Dogo
North West Australia (Australia): Bishop Gary Nelson
8 July 2020Diocese of Peru

Pray for Bishop Jorge and his wife Sandra. That the Bishop may be granted wisdom in all he does, and strength as he juggles different diocesan and family responsibilities.

Northern Argentina (S. America): Bishop Nicholas James Quested Drayson
Awori (Nigeria): Bishop J Akin Atere
9 July 2020Brierley Hill Team

Give thanks for the bells, and the bell-ringers, which invite the community to join worship at St Michael, Brierley Hill and for the supportive fellowship that has been created. Clergy: David Hoskin, Beryl Pritchett; Readers: Keith Colley, Val Houghton.

Northern California (USA): Bishop Barry Beisner
Badagry (Nigeria): Bishop Joseph Adeyemi
Ballarat (Australia): Bishop Garry Weatherill
10 July 2020Brierley Hill Team

At Christ Church, Quarry Bank, continue to pray for initiatives aiming to create a new church community, such as Café Church, and for laughter ordinarily shared at events such as Skittles Night. Clergy: David Hoskin, Beryl Pritchett; Readers: Keith Colley, Val Houghton.

Bangor (Wales): Bishop Andrew John
Northern Indiana (USA): Bishop Douglas Sparks
11 July 2020Christ Church, Coseley

For continued growth of our Messy Church, and a strengthening of the links with our Primary Schools through Open the Book, when both are able to re-commence. For our ALM. Clergy: Emma Stanford, Tim Westwood.

Northern Luzon (Philippines): Bishop Hilary Ayban Pasikan
Banks & Torres (Melanesia): Bishop Alfred Patterson Worek
Kagera (Tanzania): Bishop Darlington Bendankeha
12 July 2020St Cassian's, Chaddesley Corbett: Silver Eco Church Award

Lord, help us to be good stewards of your wonderful creation and inspire us to adopt new, eco-friendly ways of living out our faith.

Rural St Cassian’s Church, Chaddesley Corbett, recently achieved the Silver Eco Church Award following the congregation’s effort to make environmentally friendly changes to church life. Clare Stockford is churchwarden in this farming community.

Clare said, “We have always included creation-focussed hymns and prayers for the care of our world in our regular worship. However, as an old building we weren’t sure how easy it would be for us to be eco-friendly.”

In addition to focusing on environmental themes during worship, St Cassian has arranged community litter picks, linking with the
village school; increased their recycling; purchased eco-friendly cleaning products and toilet rolls; and invested in new hymnbooks to avoid
excess photocopying. One major change has been the installation of a new lighting system which uses the same energy as boiling just one kettle!

“God gave us something so precious: we’ve done this to our planet and now we need to fix it,” Clare continued. “It’s been fantastic to support other churches in their Eco Church journey. When you’re passionate about something, I definitely believe that God gives you the words to inspire others.”

Kingswinford Deanery - Rural Dean: David Hoskin; Lay Chair: Anthony Lovesy

Newcastle: Bishop Christine Hardman with Bishop Mark Tanner (Berwick)
Moere (Molde) (Norway): Bishop Ingeborg Midttoemme
13 July 2020St Chad, Coseley

We ask that during our vacancy, we may continue to grow in faith, love one another, care for those in need, reach out to others and welcome newcomers. We pray for all those priests that have ministered to us and will minister to us during this time and for our ALMs and churchwardens. Clergy: Vacant; Reader Emeritus: Denzil Smith.

Kajiado (Kenya): Bishop Gadiel Katanga Lenini
Kajo-Keji (South Sudan): Bishop Emmanuel Murye Modi
Kamango (Congo): Bishop Sabiti Tibafa Daniel
14 July 2020St James the Great, Lower Gornal

Please pray that the congregation may be able to keep heart and give thanks for financial stability in difficult times. Clergy: Julian Mott.

Barbados (West Indies): Bishop Michael Maxwell
Kampala (Uganda): Bishop Stephen Samuel Kaziimba
Northern Malawi (Central Africa): Bishop Fanuel Emmanuel Magangani
15 July 2020Diocese of Morogoro

We remember all those who are working at Sewing Academy microfinancing project in the precincts of Morogoro Cathedral and for all those who will benefit from learning how their sewing skills can be used to develop small businesses, which will improve weekly incomes.

Northern Mexico (Mexico): Bishop Francisco Moreno
Bari (Nigeria): Bishop Idris Zubairu
16 July 2020Kingswinford & Wall Heath

Please pray for Jigsaw Family Church, Sticky Church, Church Club, Open the Book, our children’s workers and our schools’ ministry. Give thanks for our DCC officers, ALMs, Lay Pastors and our visitors. Clergy: Giles Kendall; Readers: Jill Nicholls, Debbie Filgate, David Cousins.

Northern Michigan (USA): Bishop Rayford Ray
Barisal (Bangladesh): Bishop Shourabh Pholia
Barrackpore (North India): Bishop Paritosh Canning
17 July 2020St Mark, Pensnett

Please pray for us in a time of change, and for those of us worried about our roles and work schedules. Clergy: Ness Tobin; Reader: John Lawrence.

Bath & Wells: Bishop Peter Hancock with Ruth Worsley (Taunton)
Northern Philippines (Philippines): Bishop Brent Alawas
18 July 2020St Mary, Hurst Hill

For our Places of Welcome initiative, our playgroup, and the Primary Schools we connect with through Open the Book. For our ALM. Clergy: Emma Stanford, Tim Westwood.

Northern Territory (Australia): Bishop Greg Anderson
Bathurst (Australia): Bishop Mark Calder
Kano (Nigeria): Bishop Zakka Nyam
19 July 2020#EverydayFaith as a nurse during the Covid-19 Pandemic

'And what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?’ Micah 6:8

Rachael Ienzi worships at the Cathedral and works as a nurse at Worcester’s Spire Southbank hospital.

“My faith is my strength and confidence, particularly at the moment. It’s been really hard at times and wearing full PPE is absolutely
exhausting. The first thing I do before work is ask God to support me during the day and pray that others might feel His love through me. If it’s a particularly difficult day I might also pray during my break.

“People are very scared. As nurses we’re not allowed to overtly proclaim our faith, but my calmness under pressure can make people
curious and if I’m asked, I can explain why I feel that is. Faith is helping me to have confidence for the future and strength to get through these times.

“I try to go to work and do my best, helping my patients and my colleagues where I can, accepting it’s not always easy for me or them in the current circumstances.”

Kingswinford Deanery - Rural Dean: David Hoskin; Lay Chair: Anthony Lovesy

Leeds: Bishop Nick Baines with Bishops Tony Robinson (Wakefield), Helen-Ann Hartley (Ripon), Toby Howarth (Bradford), Jonathan Gibbs (Huddersfield) & Paul Slater (Leeds)
Skara (Sweden): Bishop Åke Bonnier
20 July 2020Gornal & Sedgley Team Ministry

At All Saints and St Andrew, please pray for all in leadership, for our Church councils, and especially our Children and Young People’s Hub as we continue to develop our work with young people and families. Clergy: Guy Hewlett, Catherine Mitchell; Reader: Jan Humphries.

Northern Uganda (Uganda): Bishop Johnson Gakumba
Bauchi (Nigeria): Bishop Musa Tula
Kansas (USA): Bishop Cathleen Bascom
21 July 2020Gornal & Sedgley Team Ministry

Please pray for all of the people of St Peter’s Church as we prepare for the closure of our current church building and for the development of our church hall. Clergy: Guy Hewlett, Catherine Mitchell; Reader: Jan Humphries.

Belize (West Indies): Bishop Philip Wright
Kanyakumari (South India): Bishop A R Chelliah
Northern Zambia (Central Africa): Bishop Albert Chama
22 July 2020The Evangelical Church in Central Germany

Pray for those who nurture the link between the EKM and the Diocese of Worcester, for the parish partnerships and the link committees. Maintain the close bonds of affection between us, particularly at a time of change in the European Union.

Northwest Ankole (Uganda): Bishop Amos Magezi
Bendigo (Australia): Bishop Matt Brain
23 July 2020Wordsley Team

Please pray for our relations with schools and other local organisations. Also, for those to be baptised in the coming months. Clergy: Colin Jones, Lyn Rowson; Readers: Terry Blewitt, Chris Geary.

Northwest Texas (USA): Bishop Scott Mayer
Benin (Nigeria): Bishop Peter Imasuen
Bermuda (Bermuda): Bishop Nicholas Dill
24 July 2020Churches Together in Brierley Hill

Pray for all the Christian denominations working together in the Brierley Hill area.

Bethlehem (USA): Bishop Kevin Nichols
Northwestern Pennsylvania (USA): Bishop Sean Rowe
25 July 2020Retired Clergy in Kingswinford Deanery

As we give thanks today for the Apostle James and for his calling we give thanks too for the small band of retired clergy in Kingswinford Deanery and for their own discipleship and ministry.

Norwich: Bishop Graham Usher with Bishops Jonathan Mayrick (Lynn) & Alan Winton (Thetford)
Bhopal (North India): Bishop Manoj Charan
Kapoeta (South Sudan): Bishop Isaac Deu Chol
26 July 2020Foodbanks

Please pray for all who have suffered through the Coronavirus crisis, the health and wellbeing
of foodbank volunteers throughout the Diocese and the continuation of generosity shown in our communities.

In recent months, Worcester Foodbank has continued to safely serve the local community in the face of Coronavirus, providing much-needed food and household supplies, even during times where donations were low, volunteers were isolating and demand dramatically increased.

Grahame Lucas, Manager of Worcester Foodbank, said: “It has been a time of constant reassessment and change. Those who pray and those who don’t have been praying. God’s abundant love has been shown through the amazing generosity of the community and we have often spoken of this as the Miracle on Lowesmoor.”

Social distancing procedures have seen guests served one at a time outside of the Foodbank, or receiving food parcels at home. This has left little opportunity for volunteers to offer a listening ear, or information about other support services.

“We anticipate that demand for our support will remain high for some time,” Grahame continued. “Now we must pray for the wisdom and resources to ensure the Foodbank is prepared and able to help”.

For more information about donating, visit: www.worcester.foodbank.org.uk.

Malvern Deanery - Rural Dean: Rod Corke
Derry and Raphoe (Ireland): Bishop Andrew Foster
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Lithuania: Bishop Mindaugas Sabutis
27 July 2020University of Worcester

Pray for all at the University of Worcester, the students and staff and for those who support them as chaplains.

Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island (Canada): Bishop Ronald Wayne Cutler
Bida (Nigeria): Bishop Jonah Kolo
Karachi (Pakistan): Bishop Sadiq Danie
28 July 2020Faith at Work

Workplace Chaplains have continued to support those at work during the COVID-19 lockdown, and, where they can, are now returning to visiting in person. Pray for all chaplains, and for those they minister to; for safety, discernment and hope. For Dick Johnson (Development Officer); Alison Sandham (Communications Officer); Mary Austin (Chair of Trustees).

Nsukka (Nigeria): Bishop Aloysius Agbo
Biharamulo (Tanzania): Bishop Yusuph Vithalis
Karamoja (Uganda): Bishop Joseph Abura
29 July 2020Economy and Daily Life

Pray for all who have lost their jobs as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, and those currently still on furlough and uncertain about the future, that the way forward may be made clear and anxiety met with God’s peace.

Birmingham: Bishop David Urquhart w Bishop Anne Hollinghurst (Aston)
Nyahururu (Kenya): Bishop Stephen Kabora
30 July 2020Malvern Deanery

We give thanks for the strong ecumenical links in Malvern. We pray for a renewed sense of mission in the town through working together and building on a sense of unity nurtured through Lockdown. Rural Dean: Rod Corke; Lay Chair: David Sparkes.

Blackburn: Bishop Julian Tudor Henderson
Nzara (South Sudan): Bishop Richard Bbikoyesu Aquilla
Bo (Sierra Leone): Bishop Solomon Leonard Scott-Manga
31 July 2020Great Malvern Priory

Pray that as we return following lockdown, we will seek the Lord’s guidance in progressing a major extension to update our inadequate facilities. This would mean that we can continue to be a beacon of God’s light in Malvern in the years to come. Clergy: Rod Corke, Readers: Chris Shepherd, David Webster.

Oeste-Brasil (Brazil): Bishop Naudal Alves Gomes
Boga (Congo): Bishop Mugenyi William Bahemuka
Port Elizabeth (Southern Africa): Bishop Edward Ronald Daniels