Commission for Social Responsibility

The Commission

The Commission for Social Responsibility is the focus for the diocese's engagement with social, community, economic and rural affairs through a Commission for Social Responsibility (CSR). It is therefore particularly concerned to work with the seventh of the diocese's Kingdon People characteristics: "ready to engage with and serve our community".

The CSR is presently focussing its attention on working to support parishes and communities which score highly on many indices of deprivation and poverty. It seeks to keep a watching brief on a much wider range of issues, including criminal justice and health and well-being. It is supported by one of the Mission Development Officers, Doug Chaplin, who posts updates, news and resource information on this site.


Members are mainly elected as representatives from each deanery. Some are co-opted because of their expertise or experience. The Chair is Professor Michael Taylor, Emeritus Professor of Social Theology, Birmingham University.

  • Vera Birch
  • Doug Chaplin (Mission Development Officer)
  • John Chidlow
  • Diana Fulbrook
  • Angela Green
  • Paul Harrison
  • David Hawkins
  • Barry Humphrey
  • Phillip Jones (Mission Development Officer)
  • Rose Lawley
  • Bill Mash (Black Country Urban Industrial Mission)
  • Judith Oliver
  • Alvyn Pettersen
  • Helen Perry
  • Michael Taylor (Chair)
  • Jo Williamson (Secretary)
  • Frances Wookey
  • Nick Wright


Starting in Autumn 2014, we will post a summary of each meeting here for those who wish to keep abreast of the Commission's work.