Worcester and Dudley

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Archdeacons of Worcester and Dudley

About the Archdeaconries

The Diocese of Worcester is divided into two Archdeaconries, the Archdeaconry of Worcester and the Archdeaconry of Dudley. The Bishop of Worcester delegates administrative authority to the Archdeacon for each area.

The Archdeacons also play a major role in the pastoral care of the clergy and volunteers in the churches in their Archdeaconry.

An Archdeacon must have been ordained for at least six years and is responsible for the disciplinary supervision of the clergy in the archdeaconry and for the proper administration of church property. An Archdeacon is generally responsible for the induction of vicars to their parishes and for the admission of churchwardens.

Archdeacons' Secretary

Kathy Jones 01905 773301

The Archdeacons

Robert Jones

The Venerable Robert Jones, Archdeacon of Worcester

The Venerable Nikki Groarke, Archdeacon of Dudley

Archdeacon's News

The Archdeacons' produce a newsletter each year to accompany their visitations. Most churches would have received a printed copy but you can  download the PDF.

Archdeacon's Charge

Each year, there is a special service to formally admit the churchwardens to this important role in each Archdeaconry. At these services, the Archdeacons' sermons are in the form of a 'charge' to the wardens. 

Read the Archdeacon of Worcester's 'charge'

Read the Archdeacon of Dudley's 'Charge' for 2019

Archdeacon's Visitations and Articles of Enquiry 

The Articles of Enquiry are designed to give your PCC or DCC the opportunity to share stories with us about the life of your church and where you have seen signs of God’s Kingdom activity.  Find out more.