Mainly Music

‘mainly music’ is a part of the charity ‘mainly Ministries’.

Churches can partner with the organisation to create 30-minute music sessions, allowing churches to intentionally share the love of Jesus Christ. The passion of ‘mainly music’ is to contribute to a way in which the local church people can reveal Jesus in their neighbourhood through their lives, their words, and their actions. ‘mainly music’ equips volunteers to help them prepare, start, and keep going in a self-funding and sustainable way.

The music session consists of 2-3 ‘God songs’ plus other songs that families will learn and love, which is followed by ‘eat chat play’. It’s during this ‘eat chat play’ time that the local church can really get to know families and build a connection with them. During this time homemade refreshments are served.

‘mainly music’ groups have been running for over 30 years worldwide, with groups in the UK for over 10 years.

How to start a ‘mainly music’ group:

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